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I am definitely in the learning mode when it comes to photography. Like many, I started in film when our children were young. As they grew and became less willing to "sit" for photos, I slowly gave up the hobby. Like so many of our friends, we have many boxes of photos, movies and albums from the "old" days. And we only rarely look at them.

Then we were invited by friends to join them on a vacation cruise to Hawaii. That was so amazing, and in anticipation of it being amazing, we decided to invest in a great Canon Compact System Camera to be sure we had photos that were a better quality than our cell phones. That hooked me again.

So now I'm deep into the learning curve with not only the techniques for composing images, but the equipment (cameras, lenses, accessories) and the software (Adobe Creative Suite). The challenge is both great and rewarding.


In beginning of 2017, Penny (March) and I (April) both reached that interesting "round number" birthday of 70! We have absolutely no idea of how that happened. This year, 2018, we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. So in honor of those two milestones, we determined to throw ourselves a party - a cruise to Alaska with our adult children and grandson.

Heather (our oldest), our son-in-law Hugh, our grandson Isaac, our son Jason (youngest) and his wife Miku joined us for what turned out to be a great vacation. Except that we never saw any Moose and only spotted one black bear. 

Penny and I still enjoy working in our consulting business (executive coaching for me, accounting services for Penny) and are usually quite busy. Which brings me to . . . 


In 2002, after 32 years in the semiconductor business (United Technologies, Fairchild Semiconductors, Advanced Microdevices and Toshiba America Electronic Components), I started dbkAssociates

Under that company I provide Executive Coaching, either individually or, through Vistage Worldwide, peer advisory board groups.

Penny is providing accounting services (fractional Controller and corporate accounting) for several clients here in southern California.

We continue to have an amazing life and enjoy it very much.

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